This Conversation is now OVER!

This conversation is now OVER!! Oh how I love saying those words to all these inquisitorial busy bodies who always seem to think they know what’s best for me. I only wish I could say it more often, especially to the older members of my clan, but that would result in me having to take an earful of their mouthful. Tsk.

The latest opportunity relates to last night when a family friend (opposite sex, same age) tells me he has to talk to me. He seemed ever so mysterious, for instance when he was about to leave the house, he asks me not to sleep early. Waaa?  I obviously slept. As I wake up I see a message from him, which was sent the previous night. Anyway the mysterious topic relates to Blind-date 799 (, at which he along with my brother started listing out possible suitors for me from their circle, after which I stopped talking to him? Huh? Okay? What? Really?

Basically what took place here was that when “No thanks, shut up” did not work, I zoned out of the conversation and drifted off to someplace…possibly to someplace where I was mentally murdering them?

Anyway I thought I’d be nice for once in my life and explain to the fellow in his language how things work.

“You see, it’s like this, if you try to set me up with some random dude, OR aid, abet or counsel others engaged in the same, I will have no choice but to demote you to the level of an acquaintance.”

To which he goes “Are you going to be like this forever?”.  Like what? To these jokers, being unmarried is the single worst predicament that could befall a woman!

Then I say “That’s my problem.” To which he says “Not only yours.  You should think of your family!”

Good lord, there is no hope. I realized that I will never be able to reach his level of genius and out came the golden words “This conversation is now OVER.”


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